Ways To Add A Wine Fridge Into A Kitchen

Whether you are a wine enthusiast or a person who enjoys occasional glasses of wine with friends, having a wine fridge can be an excellent asset. With that up in your arsenal, it grants easy access to wine hosting parties. A wine fridge usually makes a chic and functional addition to the kitchen.

Apart from its practical use, it also elevates aesthetics and style points to a space. For example, transitioning a blank wall to a compact wine fridge can move the style of the space from ground zero to a hundred.

Below are many ways to incorporate a wine cooler refrigerator based on your style, preferences, kitchen size, and aesthetic choices.

Where Can I Place My Wine Fridge In My Kitchen?

Before you place a kitchen wine cooler in your kitchen, it’s pertinent to note the correct type of wine fridge that’ll meet your preferences and requirements.

Built-In Wine Fridge

As the name implies, this wine fridge is built-in or installed in the kitchen or kitchen cabinets. They are primarily of more depth and protrude outwardly. However, its doors are visible and not built into the cabinet space.

In this, you don’t have to worry about the kitchen’s size as they are designed to fit the size of the kitchen space snugly.

It is essential to leave a certain number of meters of space around the fridge during the installation to prevent it from overheating.

However, some built-in wine fridges come with adjustable wheels for easy movement.

Freestanding Wine Fridge

As implied in the name, these wine coolers or fridges stand freely and are not restricted to the kitchen space.

This is because it can vary in size, with some storing ten wine bottles and others storing 150. While some can fit atop the kitchen cabinets, others can fit next to the regular home freezer.

This can be used if the kitchen space is minimal. It can be placed anywhere but the kitchen–dining room, garage, living room.

Fully Integrated Wine Fridge

While this bears similarities with the built-in wine fridges, it can take more time and effort to install. They also do not protrude outwardly, as they are specifically designed to be enclosed inside kitchen cabinets.

They are also perfect for a modern kitchen as they offer a seamless and sleek look.

This means that, unlike the built-in wine fridges, doors are enclosed into the kitchen cabinet space.

In conclusion, no matter your preference for incorporating wine fridges, you can be sure that it’s a welcome addition. Also, due to the plethora of options, you can always be sure to find something in the market that ticks all your boxes.

It would be best if you also were sure to peruse through all the manufacturer installation requirements to prevent the void of the warranty.

Whether as an expert collector or an indifferent novice, kick start this adventure of wine collection by incorporating a wine fridge in your space; the world is your oyster.






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