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A Cozy Thanksgiving Mantel

Embrace My Space: Cozy Thanksgiving Mantel

I’M A ONE-TRICK PONY recently, but my mantel seems to be the only project that’s ever “finished” so that’s what I’ll be blogging about until I finish something else! Please bear with me! I’ve been working very hard on a new and improved home command center that I’d love to have up and running before my […]


A Black and White Halloween Mantel

AS I CONTINUE my end of year decorating marathon, I’ve turned to favorite standbys as well as new pieces and DIY for this year’s Halloween scheme.  I’ve had many a Halloween-themed mantel over the years, each of which featured a lot of color.  Take this mantel I did for Halloween two years ago after we’d […]


Why Buy When You Can DIY?: Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

Embrace My Space: Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

I’M SO LATE to the game on these mesh wreaths, but they are adorable so I don’t care who calls me out for jumping on the bandwagon now.  I love decorating my front door with the changing seasons.  Even I must admit, however, that this time of year is pretty intense when it comes to […]


Falling for Fuchsia on My Front Porch

Colorful Fall Front Porch

MY GORGEOUS MUMS finally made their full debut so today I wanted to share my colorful fall front porch and some tricks I used to achieve the look! If you’ve visited Embrace My Space in the past, you already know I like to use unconventional color schemes, even at the holidays.  The most recent example […]


Sweet, Simple, and Semi-Homemade Second Birthday

MY SON IS TWO!  If you’ve seen Bride Wars, picture me screaming this a la Kate Hudson upon her discovery that the stylist had dyed her hair blue.  And if you haven’t, watch this 10 second clip to get the drift. MY SON’S TWO!! HE’S TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m not sure how it happened, but two years passed […]


Why Buy When You Can DIY?: (Faux) Macramé Plant Holder

Embrace My Space: DIY Macrame Plant Holder

A RARE SUNDAY POST.  I wanted to put a quick post together to show you all how I made this adorable little faux macramé plant holder in case you are looking for something to do with your hands other than eat junk food or drink beer while watching the NFL this afternoon.  I’m calling it faux […]


The Pumpkins Have Arrived: Fall Home Tour

Embrace My Space: Fall Home Tour

I THINK IT’S SAFE to say that fall is officially here.  While my fellow home bloggers blazed the autumn trails on the first day of September when the temps were in the mid-90s here in the Northeast, I took my time easing into fall with the weather.  Last week brought intense storms, much needed rain and cooler weather.  Since I’ve […]


A (tiny) Announcement

Embrace My Space: DIY Rainbow Book Ledges

IT’S BEEN ONE WEEK since my handyman installed the rainbow book ledges in my son’s room.  I’m pleased to report we are seven days without a climbing incident, and I’ve somehow restrained myself from buying ALL THE BOOKS from my Amazon wish list.  Even more impressive is that my wallet somehow survived a visit to a charming independent bookshop […]


DIY Coffee Bar

Embrace My Space: Coffee Bar

CAFFEINE IS A DRUG that I choose to ingest on a daily basis.  Coffee is my chosen vehicle for said drug use.  It’s delicious and, as a mother of a toddler, very necessary.  My coffee bar needed a little TLC so I decided to give it a totally FREE makeover using some left over supplies I had around the basement.  […]


Why Buy When You Can DIY?: Five Dollar Chandelier

HAPPY MONDAY everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Independence Day.  I’m currently in hot dog detox after a weekend of backyard cookouts.  Yucky. Wanna know something else that really turns my stomach? Brass. Since moving into our home almost three years ago I’ve been chipping away at the brass hardware and lighting fixtures throughout our 90s-built […]


Customized Chandelier: Turquoise and Coral

HEY, I’M STILL HERE! Truth be told, I just haven’t been doing anything around the house to write about! After finishing up the work in my son’s playroom, I took a bit of a home project respite to focus on other creative projects.  The most recent time thief in my life is a novel idea […]


Love What You Love

Embrace My Space: Paper Hearts

HAPPY FEBRUARY my beautiful people.  I don’t like Valentine’s Day.  Like, not at all.  It’s so cheesy and cheap chocolate-y and gross prix fixe-y. In the year 6 BB (that is six years before baby, or 2007) my husband took me to Valentine’s Day dinner at the Walnut Grill in Pittsburgh.  This restaurant isn’t open anymore, which doesn’t […]


The Great Curtain Conundrum

Playroom Curtains: Embrace My Space

THE STORY I’m about to share wouldn’t have happened but for my personal pride as a DIYer and my innate desire to save a buck.  My mom is the reason I possess these wonderful instincts that often send me swirling into a spackle-covered downward spiral of cussing and unfinished projects.  Thanks Mom!  You’ve raised me right. My mom and […]


Small Projects that Pack a Meaningful Punch

IT’S A PROCESS.  This phrase is applicable in so many facets of life that I often get tired of hearing it (and saying it!).  But the fact is that anything worth doing takes time and hard work and perseverance.  I’ve been dedicating most of my time, hard work and perseverance to raising a tiny human […]