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Valentine’s Day Details and a New Love in My Life

Embrace My Space Valentine's Day

LOVE IS IN THE AIR!  Per last year’s Valentine’s Day post, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day because it’s a little cheesy, sets people up to not meet their partner’s expectations and allows restaurants to charge a ton of money for mediocre prix fix menus.  But, even though I don’t particularly love the holiday […]


Nursery Reveal: Colorful with a Dash of Pineapple

Embrace My Space: Nursery Reveal

NURSERY IS DONE!  Here are some pictures of the finished space.  I will fill in details on the elements I haven’t had a chance to blog about in the coming weeks, but for now enjoy the end result of the past 9ish months of effort! BEFORE AFTER Finally, a present for the new big brother […]


Why Buy When You Can DIY?: Yarn Pom Pom Mobile for the Nursery

Embrace My Space: DIY Pom Pom Mobile for Nursery

IN CASE YOU were wondering, I’m still pregnant!  Yep.  I’m only a few days past my due date, but the excitement I’m feeling about meeting the newest member of our family is quickly turning into anxiety as doomsday reports of a huge weekend snowstorm fill the news! The upside is the reason for most of my anxiety […]


DIY Roman Shade + Levolor Blackout Blind = LOVE

IF I COULD go back to give my childless self some advice, my former, firmer self likely would have slapped me, the haggard sanctimommy, silly because of how much I have to say. Seriously. There are some things you wont learn about being a parent until you actually are one.  And once you’re running the gauntlet of this […]


A Space for my Pineapple Prince(ss): New Nursery Details

Embrace My Space: Pineapple Nursery Details

IT’S NOT DONE YET!  Yep.  There’s nothing quite like starting off a new year, the time when people are rip roaring and ready to go, with a blog post about an unfinished project!  But, hey, I like to think outside the box in all aspects of life, not just in my home.  I know shouldn’t be […]


A Perfect Line, Every Time

Embrace My Space: Tips for Perfect Paint Lines

AS PROMISED, I wanted to do a few posts to show you the step-by-step process I used to create my new home command center.  Today is a quick and dirty tutorial on how to create clean paint lines. EVERY. TIME. Have you ever tried to apply a stripe of paint or other shape to a wall, […]


But first, Christmas: A Colorful Christmas Tour for 2015

Embrace My Space Christmas Home Tour

WITH JUST 10 SHORT days until Christmas, my halls are decked and (most of) my shopping and wrapping is done!  Being ready for the holiday this far in advance only can be the result of my nesting in these final weeks of my second pregnancy.  If all goes according to plan (which is laughable when it […]


Upgraded DIY Home Command Center

Embrace My Space: Home Command Center 2

MY HAPPINESS MUSE, Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before), has said again and again that, in the context of a happy life, focusing on habits to establish outer order will contribute greatly to a person’s energy levels, mood and creativity.  In this post on her blog Gretchen notes:          One of the […]


In the (St.) Nick of Time: Book-a-Day Advent Calendar

Embrace My Space: Book a Day Advent Calendar

TALK ABOUT WAITING until the last minute.  Tomorrow is the first of December, and I just finished my son’s advent calendar!  He’s only two, so he really wouldn’t know any better if I didn’t have it ready on time, but this mama’s got principles! I knew I wanted to do a Christmas-themed book each day […]


A Cozy Thanksgiving Mantel

Embrace My Space: Cozy Thanksgiving Mantel

I’M A ONE-TRICK PONY recently, but my mantel seems to be the only project that’s ever “finished” so that’s what I’ll be blogging about until I finish something else! Please bear with me! I’ve been working very hard on a new and improved home command center that I’d love to have up and running before my […]


A Black and White Halloween Mantel

AS I CONTINUE my end of year decorating marathon, I’ve turned to favorite standbys as well as new pieces and DIY for this year’s Halloween scheme.  I’ve had many a Halloween-themed mantel over the years, each of which featured a lot of color.  Take this mantel I did for Halloween two years ago after we’d […]


Why Buy When You Can DIY?: Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

Embrace My Space: Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath

I’M SO LATE to the game on these mesh wreaths, but they are adorable so I don’t care who calls me out for jumping on the bandwagon now.  I love decorating my front door with the changing seasons.  Even I must admit, however, that this time of year is pretty intense when it comes to […]


Falling for Fuchsia on My Front Porch

Colorful Fall Front Porch

MY GORGEOUS MUMS finally made their full debut so today I wanted to share my colorful fall front porch and some tricks I used to achieve the look! If you’ve visited Embrace My Space in the past, you already know I like to use unconventional color schemes, even at the holidays.  The most recent example […]


Sweet, Simple, and Semi-Homemade Second Birthday

MY SON IS TWO!  If you’ve seen Bride Wars, picture me screaming this a la Kate Hudson upon her discovery that the stylist had dyed her hair blue.  And if you haven’t, watch this 10 second clip to get the drift. MY SON’S TWO!! HE’S TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m not sure how it happened, but two years passed […]


Why Buy When You Can DIY?: (Faux) Macramé Plant Holder

Embrace My Space: DIY Macrame Plant Holder

A RARE SUNDAY POST.  I wanted to put a quick post together to show you all how I made this adorable little faux macramé plant holder in case you are looking for something to do with your hands other than eat junk food or drink beer while watching the NFL this afternoon.  I’m calling it faux […]