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Customized Chandelier: Turquoise and Coral

HEY, I’M STILL HERE! Truth be told, I just haven’t been doing anything around the house to write about! After finishing up the work in my son’s playroom, I took a bit of a home project respite to focus on other creative projects.  The most recent time thief in my life is a novel idea […]


Love What You Love

Embrace My Space: Paper Hearts

HAPPY FEBRUARY my beautiful people.  I don’t like Valentine’s Day.  Like, not at all.  It’s so cheesy and cheap chocolate-y and gross prix fixe-y. In the year 6 BB (that is six years before baby, or 2007) my husband took me to Valentine’s Day dinner at the Walnut Grill in Pittsburgh.  This restaurant isn’t open anymore, which doesn’t […]


The Great Curtain Conundrum

Playroom Curtains: Embrace My Space

THE STORY I’m about to share wouldn’t have happened but for my personal pride as a DIYer and my innate desire to save a buck.  My mom is the reason I possess these wonderful instincts that often send me swirling into a spackle-covered downward spiral of cussing and unfinished projects.  Thanks Mom!  You’ve raised me right. My mom and […]


Small Projects that Pack a Meaningful Punch

IT’S A PROCESS.  This phrase is applicable in so many facets of life that I often get tired of hearing it (and saying it!).  But the fact is that anything worth doing takes time and hard work and perseverance.  I’ve been dedicating most of my time, hard work and perseverance to raising a tiny human […]


My Son is One! A Nautical First Birthday Party

Nautical First Birthday Party

THIS MONTH marks the end of my first year of motherhood!  I can’t believe my son is already one year old.  Time really does fly.  I wanted to share a few details from his first birthday party.  And by first I mean the first of his TWO parties!  His second party hasn’t happened yet, but I’m […]


Family Room Revamp

I KNOW! I’ve been extremely reticent about the goings-on in these-here-parts recently.  But I promise it’s because I’m a super mommy neglecting her blogging duties and not because I’m a total lazy ass.  To be perfectly honest, I think I’m plagued by adult-onset ADHD triggered by the over abundance of oxytocin and prolactin surging through […]


DIY Do-Over: Home Command Center

EVERYONE LOVES A GOOD do-over, am I right?  As a DIY enthusiast I do a lot of planning before I start a project, but that doesn’t mean I don’t revisit an otherwise completed project if I later decide there’s room for improvement.  You may remember back in January when I made a DIY home command center for […]


Three Easy Steps for a Perfect Coastal Paint Job

Embrace My Space: Coastal Paint Job

IT’S SUMMER and the beach is calling my name.  Ok, who am I kidding, the beach calls my name all year round.  There’s just something about the blue hues of the ocean and the tropical colors of the Caribbean that makes my heart happy.  Although I’ve never lived within 100 miles of the ocean that has […]


Good from far, but far from good

HEY, HEY!  It’s Friday; I ain’t got no job but I got tons of stuff to do!  Totally kidding about the job thing.  I am actually a full-time mom and I have one (sometimes two) work-at-home job(s) in addition to the blog.  Whew.  So let’s make this quick! You may remember from this post that I decided to stencil my […]


Get Patriotic with Your Art

Embrace My Space: American Flag DIY

SUMMER KICKS OFF this long Memorial Day weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!  I have one of my nearest and dearest coming to town from Miami and my hubby will be off work to spend some extra time with the family.  What could be better?  In the spirit of this patriotic weekend I am […]


Baby-Proofing &@#$*%&!

I WANT YOU all to know that I’m totally about keeping it real.  But I have to admit that I’m guilty of hiding the truth sometimes.  In this picture perfect world where we are bombarded with images of meal time triumphs on our Instagram feeds and perfectly coiffed cuties on our Facebook walls, it’s easy to forget that behind those images […]


Planning the Perfect Pattern

SAY THAT five times fast.  Planning the perfect pattern….jk.  I wont.  This stencil has turned into quite the exercise in decision-making!  If you’ve been following along with the makeover of my foyer you know that I’ve been searching for the perfect stencil to add a pop of color in my now all white front entry. […]


Why Buy When You Can DIY?: Pineapple Door Decor

WELCOME FRIENDS!  Today I’m talking about pineapples.  Of course they are delicious when crushed up and mixed with tequila, but did you know that pineapples are an American symbol of hospitality?  The use of the pineapple as a sign of welcome dates back to Colonial times.  As legend has it, Christopher Columbus first encountered pineapples on the island of Guadaloupe.  From then […]


Laundry Room: Vertical Real Estate

I’M DOING LAUNDRY as usual.  Then again, other that my teeny tiny little squatter, who isn’t doing laundry around this place?  I feel like I always have a load in the dryer just waiting to be folded.  Just a few months back my laundry room was a dreary hell hole of disorganization, a too-high shelf and greige walls. […]


A Chic Easter Banner for a Buck!

I ALWAYS GIVE CREDIT where credit is due, and today I take zero-credit for this adorable and affordable idea for Easter.  My friend Jennifer over at Brave New Home recently posted the cutest DIY Bunny Garland you have ever SEEN!  She used little foam bunnies she found at the Target Dollar Spot to make a […]