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I had a few succulents left over from my DIY terrarium project.  Since I didn’t want to leave them out in the cold, I potted those babies in some inexpensive glass vessels to give you some gardening inspiration just in time for the weekend.  Lucky you!To make these, all I did was pop a succulent down into a glass votive holder ($1 for three at the craft store) and used the river rocks ($1.96 per bag at the craft store) I had left over from my terrarium project to surround the root ball of each plant.

Succulents are a big wedding trend right now, and I thought this sweet trio would work just as well on your guest table as it would on your kitchen windowsill.  These also would make darling favors or escort cards at a rustic themed event.  All you have to do is plant a little DIY paper flag with your guest’s name in each one and you’re done!

Also, don’t you think this little vignette makes a lovely color palette?  Greige (grey/beige) is on trend right now and it looks fab combined with the sage green and the red brick tones.  Pair these three colors with black for an industrial-cool vibe or turquoise if it’s southwestern warmth you crave.

Here I combined a succulent and a mason jar to create a trendy double-threat!  Since the mason jar is fairly deep, I placed river rock at the bottom to ensure adequate drainage.  Then, I sprinkled in a little bit of leftover charcoal from my terrarium project, placed the succulent in the jar and surrounded the roots with soil.  It’s a bit tricky to fill in the dirt because the mouth of the mason jar is so narrow.  You might want to try using a piece of paper as a makeshift funnel to fill the dirt in around the sides of the plant.

To shake things up a bit, before planting your succulent, spray paint the silver ring of the mason jar to add an interesting pop of color.  You also could add a swipe of chalkboard paint to one side of the jar and use chalk to create table numbers for your next event!

I hope these two examples of low-maintenance greenery have inspired you to get creative with your gardens!  I’d love to hear about the creative ways you’ve incorporated succulents into your home garden or event tablescape!


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